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How much blood is "too much blood"??

I know that's sounds crazy but the reality is occasionally coughing up blood (hemoptysis) is not too uncommon in CF. But chances are if you have to ask if it's too much... It probably is. Well that's unfortunately how my morning started yesterday. I woke up to a weird gurgling feeling deep down in my lungs that didn't feel quite like my normal mucus in the morning and as I sat up it came almost pouring out.. bright red as if i popped something. So of course I sit for a minute and think... Is this too much?? I get up and go find Johnny in the bathroom who confirms that I'm crazy and it's obviously looks like too much. I kindof walk around for a few minutes with bloody tissues and a bag while John calls my mom. I call my Dr who confirms that I need to go to ER and finally Johnny calmly reminds me that I need to put pants on to leave the house as I'm running around trying to convince myself that Itll just stop bleeding if I tell it to... God I hate the ER.

So off me and my mom go to the ER and by the time we get there im barely coughing much blood up at all so it seemed as if the bleed was clotting. The ER doctor didn't quite know what to do with me since a CF patient at a regular hospital is kindof like seeing a unicorn so he asked ME what would my doctor normal do and could he call her.. which we told him "ct of Lungs and vitamin k please". The nurse in the meantime put an IV in my arm and hooked me up to fluids (no one touches my port but MY doctors, Johnny and me bc I don't trust anyone else haha). So after fishing for my veins and busting one the first time (even after a fair warning that I have jumpy veins) the nurse gets labs but not enough to fill the tubes so we go to the other arm and try again... This is when I start to notice that I got the B squad.. she leaves the tournaquet on then leaves the room... My arm is practically dead right now it's so tight and when I go to adjust she tells me to leave it so my veins will pop out more...I guess she never heard of a warm compress bc I've now I'm gonna leave looking more bruised than when I came. Then after getting the needle in she leaves and comes back and starts doing everything without gloves or sanitizer... Which I understand you don't need to wear gloves all the time... But if your not going to use alcohol to clean my iv site before you hook up fluids.. can you at least have clean hands?? I felt bad because the girl was very nice but I'm myself wearing a mask so she must know that I'm careful about infection control right?? So next I go to get a CT scan of my chest.. for this I need contrast dye for the procedure which is inserted into my IV. The man who came in to roll me over straight up looked like a janitor and to be honest... He might have been. He was scruffy and physically looked dirty... He was explaining what the contrast was on the roll over but and i informed him that I'm aware and have had it before etc... And before I could even open my freaking mouth this man had my IV in his hand injecting the contrast as my eyes focused on his DISGUSTING black dirty fingernails!!! I couldn't hold back and quickly asked "whooa no gloves or anything huh???? " . The dude completely ignored me and walked away to take the scan. Lol after the scan I had already had enough and wanted to just go home and scrub myself in a tub. It took a while sitting around waiting for them to find a Dr or tech that could even read my CT bc I'm a unicorn and they aren't used to seeing shitty unicorn lungs.. basically there was no more "Active bleeding". But after the scan, fluids and vitamin k the nice Dr was ready to let me go home to rest.. Finally.. get me out of here!

Here's the last straw.. lol. Must've been a shift change cause the nice girl who sucks at drawing blood left and In comes the rude lady who stinks like cigarettes and stale perfume. She comes in and of course I'm at high alert now and is getting ready to take my line out when I say 'gloves please'.. she must've been in a rush to get to her next cigarette bc she said no I don't need them to take it out honey as she Yanks it.. and hard. Then she looks at me with my mask and says "your one of those germ aphobes aren't you... I can tell!!!" I'm pretty sure my mom saw the furry in my eyes as I wanted to rip her a new a##hole!!! I was kind of floored at her stupidity so My mom responded calmly that actually she's on a double lung transplant list so we are very careful and sterile to avoid infection.. etc.... Way to go mom bc I can guarantee my response would not have been so calm or informative. Lol probably something like "I don't want your nasty tar stained hands on me or my iv jackass" ;)

I know this post sounds like I'm a terrible cranky patient and I hate all nurses but I don't!! I'm usually a great patient and I get along great with nurses and have had some amazing ones that love what they do and are great at there job... Today was just not one off those days.

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