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The O2 Struggle #2

It has now been about three months since I’ve been on oxygen 24/7 and my lungs don't seem to be bouncing back into “lets move some oxygen around” mode. I have heard through some other forums and online friends that occasionally patients with CF can go on oxygen after a bad exacerbation and recover and lower their need for oxygen. I have halfheartedly believed that MAYBE that could be MY case. So I started conducting a few experiments. Once off IVs and as back to normal as I can possibly get… I started unleashing myself. (Yes that's right… FREEDOM)

Experiment #1- Taking Off the Oxygen at Rest

My results currently are as follows:

  • Oxygen remained within limits for about 10 minutes…here's the catch..I have to be completely still but not sleeping… sleeping decreases respiratory rate and in turn… my oxygen. I also de-saturate when I begin talking and when eating. So if I want to spend the most boring 10 minutes ever staring at a screen ONLY then can I take off my leash successfully and be thanks

Experiment #2- SLOWLY Walk a Short Distance and Take Deep Breathes (walked from one end of driveway to the other.. (it’s about two car lengths)

  • Big Fail…. I planned to walk to one end of the driveway and put the oxygen back on… yet I took the oxygen off at the top of the driveway and had none waiting for me at the bottom… (um… duh) so I guess the dizziness and tunnel vision following the walk could also be attributed to walking about 4 car lengths mixed with a hint of panic when I realized that I’m a dumb ass conducting experiments with no one else around and they are not going as planned!!

So, That was my last science experiment for the time being, and If I ever get the urge to play scientist again, I’ll make sure to have witnesses.

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