November 20, 2017

<--testing my fat mass- I did good on this one!! ;-)      As we have learned the last few months (now almost 6 months listed), the list at Columbia is quite long and i am not at the top of the list yet. This poses and issue because winter is especially hard for me and I usually see a decline during these months and I don't have much function left to spare.  So earlier this week I was finally scheduled to do the battery of tests down at the University of Pennsylvania to see if they would accept me as a patient for duel list...

November 8, 2017

 <--Candid pic my bro snapped.         So I received some answers after my RE-admission to the hospital. First we discovered that my i have really skinny monkey feet.... (haha- but seriously) I always thought that i would be able to tell if i was retaining fluid but apparently my feet look like a normal persons when they are swollen and when they aren't... well monkey feet with bones sticking out. So most doctors that looked at my feet and ankles, couldn't tell if i was or wasn't retaining water even wh...

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