October 23, 2017

<-- Still Got me LOCKED UP!      Mantras can be a powerful thing. Originally used in Hinduism and Buddhism, a word, phrase or sound is repeated to reach a deep state of meditation. Mantras have been translated into endless religious and spiritual practices now and are often used as a tool in everyday life to concentrate or focus and express ones intention. Over the last year or so I have picked up mantras of my own that have helped me get through tough times.  

 1. "Just breathe".. well besides being a huge C...

October 13, 2017

<--- Room view this morning    TGIF!!! For most people that means only one more full day of work, for myself it means only 3-4 more days in the hospital. No real complaints though, this visit was a combination of voluntary surrender and coming to terms with a slight loss of independence. After only 7-10 days off of IVs, my body was beginning to show signs of returned exacerbation or failure to eradicate the original infection that was so comfortably living in my lungs. After a few days of extreme fatigue, hemoptysis (...

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