July 27, 2017

For my birthday this year in April, Johnny got me a gift certificate to a tattoo shop because he knew that I had wanted a specific tattoo for a while but as usual, I had procrastinated and just talked about it forever and not actually made an appointment to find an artist or drawing that I liked. I wanted roses on my shoulder and as many of you may know, cystic fibrosis is often called “sixty five roses” because of a sweet little boy who had the disease and often misheard his mother talking to doctors about his cystic fibr...

July 13, 2017

Today I had a long day of appointments but I was spoiled because I had my mom with me to drive and help out today! I admit I was a bit cranky starting the day early because I have been having what I thought was a cross between my sinusitis acting up and bad migraines for the past few days and lots of pressure in my head…  so waking up early has been extremely hard. Even my sinus rinses and decongestant haven’t been touching my constant head pain.

Upon arrival, we realize that AGAIN , the front desk has oxygen but nothing to...

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