May 13, 2017

Everyday seems to presents itself with challenges, sometimes reoccurring ones and sometimes new challenges that force me to get creative. As I sit here with my concentrator humming its usual tune, I reflect on the first week a few years back when I started on Oxygen at night and how annoyed I would get at wrapping it around my head just to get a good night sleep and how many hours I spent looking up the best soft and squishy cannula to fit my head and smallest size (pediatric) so they don't dig too far up my small nose! (H...

May 5, 2017

I was told at my previous appointment with the transplant team that once my last exam was finished my case would be presented before a committee of doctors and team members on a board and they would generate something called an allocation score, which determines where a person is placed on the transplant list. The higher the score, the quicker you receive new organs. As much as I would love a high score, it also means the patient is usually a lot sicker. I have had three previous meetings for the past year in a half with t...

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